In the heart of the town is a building that once belonged to the great-grandfather of Nicoletta, the founder of SAC. It has been converted from a textile factory and tannery into a cultural space, with the aim of returning to the community what it gave to the Candiani family. 

“We don’t decide which family or community to be born into, but these things have a fundamental and meaningful role in our personal journeys. We only feel truly at home in the place where we put down roots. My roots go back four generations, and are indissolubly anchored to Robecchetto” says Nicoletta, adding, “I couldn’t have chosen to place my ambitious project anywhere else!”. 

With a floor area of 1,400 square metres and rooms dedicated to exhibitions and workshops, the purpose of SAC is to give voice and space to talented artists, and to engage a wider and diverse audience in its cultural projects, introducing the public to the many-faceted world of contemporary art.