SAC is the Italian acronym for Contemporary Art Space. This space has the purpose of becoming a place of social aggregation and cultural dissemination, creating value for the same municipality that hosts it, Robecchetto con Induno. Candiani family has been linked to Robecchetto since 1938. In the heart of the town, a structure that belonged to Nicoletta’s great-grandfather, was transformed  from a textile industry first to a tanning industry then, and finally restored as a cultural center to return what was donated from the territory to Candiani family for four generations.

“We do not get to choose in which family and community we are born, but they assume a fundamental and meaningful role in our personal journey. We feel at home only where we allow our roots to sink in, and mine have been inextricably anchored to Rocecchetto for the last four generation ” Nicoletta says, adding “I could not imagine choosing a different place for this ambitious project”.

With a 1.400 square meters area and exhibitions and labs settings, SAC wants to give the chance of unlimited expression to talented contemporary artists, allowing them to carry out personal projects. Public involvement in contemporary art projects is fundamental in order to let persons approach the various aspects of today art.