Alessandro Negri


Alessandro Negri was born in 1936, he works and lives in Robecchetto con Induno, nearby Milan.

He studied at Brera Art Accademy, attending the nude painting class and he also attended the Public Institute of Art of the Sforza Castle in Milan.

His youth is largely influenced by the figurative art tendencies of the postwar period. These are the years of Morlotti’s art, the naturalism of matter, of Birolli and Capogrossi and the importance of their scratch. These are the 60’s, the decade of the abstract expressionism of Pollock and de Kooning, the pioneers of Pop Art.

During Negri maturity, the artist switches from figurative paintings to gesturality and scratch dynamism. The subjects he portayes become rarefied, they are restricted into a geometric order.

His scratch is a defence of the figure against space. Negri’s art is strictly tied to the countriside in which he lives, Nature is the most important recurring theme of his artworks.



1964 – Sala Espositiva Delle Fonti, Boario Terme.

1965 – Studi della Cappa, Milan.

1965 – Sala Espositiva Delle Fonti, Boario Terme.

1967 – Centro Culturale Vercellese, Milan.

1967 – Galleria Albizzati, Abbiategrasso.

1968 – Galleria Merlo, Vigevano.

1969 – Galleria la Cornice, Legnano.

1969 – Galleria Merlo, Vigevano.

1971 – Galleria la Cornice, Legnano.

1975 – Galleria la Cornice, Legnano.

1998 – Sala A.V.I.S., ex Chiesa, Noli.

1998 – Sala Consigliare, Celle Ligure.

1999 – Sala espositiva I.A.T., Arenzano.

1999 – Biblioteca Civica, Arenzano.

2002 – Sala consigliare, Premià De Dalt (Barcellona).

2002 – Galleria d’arte 2000, Milan.

2003 – Sala Consigliare, Pontinvrea.

2003 – Sala Consigliare, Robecchetto.

2006 – Villa Cambiaso, Savona.

2006 – Biblioteca Civica, Arenzano.

2007 – mostra di Negri e Tavares, Sala Consigliare, Celle Ligure.

2007 – Sala Espositiva A: Sbragi, Cogoleto.

2011 – Laboratorio Sperimentale Arti Visive, Milan.

2012 – Hotel Due Mari, Sestri Levante.

2013 – Palazzo Robellini., Acqui Terme.

2013 – Spazio Espositivo Sant’Erasmo, Sestri Levante.

2016 – Castello Negri e De Marchi, Galliate.

2017 – Spazio E, Ghemme.





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