Annalisa Filippi

Filippi’s aesthetic research develops on bodily objectivity in a process of inner knowledge of the human body as a measure of space and time. 

It is a vital art that starts from the earth and yearns for the sky. From the essential and compositional graphic sign we arrive at the use of color, often diluted in monochrome drafts to enhance the protagonist of the figures; it is an earthy chromatism that is enriched with the addition of more materials to thicken the personality of these mannequins. 

Solemn shapes are not something autonomously defined but their power manifests itself thanks to the empty shape that surrounds them. They cover themselves with a dynamic void, like a cavity ready and available to welcome and pour. 

The violent signs and the dripped colors interpret the heroic and vital sense of man, bodies or heads described and then erased in a condensate full of pain-torn matter. The canvases, or the wood, become an arena, the place of the struggle between the physical limit of the body and the immaterial lightness of dreams. 

The figure, hidden between signs and color, stays in front of the painting and finally appears with a slow rhythm. This figure is the human.  

Spirit and soul, the longing for the trespassing of thought, without limits. 


Instagram: annalisafilippiarte



Annalisa Filippi was born in Trento in 1976. 
A pupil of Riccardo Guarneri and Ennio Finzi, in 2001 she graduated with honors in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. 
In 2000 she attended the International Academy of Art in Salzburg with Giulio Paolini and the artist residency Lanesateliers in Künstlerhaus in Salzburg. 
In 2013 she obtained a three-year degree in opera singing at the Bonporti Conservatory of Trento with Maestro Mattia Nicolini. 
Her artistic activity began in 1995; Annalisa Filippi expresses herself through an abstract, informal, objective painting, her research investigates the human body built through tangles of signs that spread in space. 
Her works are part of private and public collections in Italy and abroad, she has been selected and awarded in various competitions: 2019 International Prize for Contemporary Art LYNX, solo exhibition curated by Enea Chersicola and Riccardo Tripodi, in 2018 she is nominated Artist of the year Municipality of Pergine Valsugana TN, 2014 exhibits at MART (Museum of Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto) as part of the IN RESONANCE project curated by Francesca Bacci. She lives and works between Trento and Verona. 


2020 Trieste, personal exhibition Galleria Tivernella curated by Enea Chersicola 
2021 Pergine TN, DIALOGO SILENTE Galleria Contempo, curated by Francesca Rizzo, catalogo 
2018 Pergine TN, Castello di Pergine Arte e riflessione giuridica al castello, curated by Avv. Carlo Chelodi
2018 Pergine TN, Rosso Perpetuo, Sala Maier, curated by Dora Bulart 
2017 Trento Sala Thun Torre Mirana, Personale LA STANZA DEI PENSIERI IMPRIGIONATI, Giardino delle Arti 
2017 Sandrigo VI, La Colombara Personale RED THINKING curated by Francesca Rizzo 
2017 Trento, Palazzo Trentini, Trento Bi-personale VENERE contra VENERE, curated by Giuseppe Caliari and Danilo Curti-Feininger
2017 Isera TN Serata con l’artista IL QUADRO DEL DIRITTO, curated by Avv. Carlo Chelodi
2015 Vicenza, Palazzo Valmarana Braga, Personale CANTAstorie, curated by Maria Lucia Ferraguti  
2014  VillaLagarina TN, De Umana Proporzione, Palazzo Libera, curated by Romano Perusini
2014 Lazise VR, Confine Uomo, Spazio espositivo curated by Lazise City Council
2013 Sandrigo VI, Villa Sesso Schiavo, Personale Il colore della Madre, curated by Francesca Rizzo 
2013 Fondo TN, Foyeur Palanaunia 
2012 Milano, Galleria MAC – Miradoli Arte Contemporanea, Alabastro color cenere curated by Daniele Miradoli
2012 Sandrigo, VI Personale Nel Segno, La Colombara, curated by Francesca Rizzo  
2011 Volano TN, personal exhibition In un fiorito prato, Sala Légat, curated by Mirta De Simoni Lasta  
2010 Milano, Galleria MAC – Miradoli Arte Contemporanea Personale Di bianco e forme rotonde, curated by D. Miradoli
2008 Milano Circolo culturale Bertolt Brecht, Personale Diventare Mondo curated by Vera Maria Carminati 
2008 Trento, Personale D’immenso Grand Hotel curated by Hansjörg Gruber 
2008 Trento, Personale d’incisione Nero Pieno, Galleria Fogolino curated by Adriano Fracalossi
2007 Pergine Valsugana (Tn) Sala Maier, Icaro e altre storie 
2007 Caldonazzo Tn La Fonte Le tue ali Centro culturale  
2007 Vicenza, Boscolo Hotel Icaro e altre storie, curated by Hansjörg Gruber 
2006 Rovereto (Tn) Biblioteca civica del Mart  
2005 Trento, personal exhibition presso lo spazio espositivo Il Simposio 
2004 Trento, Galleria d’arte moderna e contemporanea Fogolino curated by Mariano Fracalossi