Elena Monzo

The ephemeral society and the feminine figures are the most recurrent topics in the research work of Elena Monzo. They are described in each side of their obsession: the out-fit to comply with the mass culture standards and the maniacal attention to details, together with the need of reflecting a precise flawless image. The aim of the artist is to underline the decay of society totally fixed upon aesthetic rules. The tools used by the artists are acrylic colours, graphite, make-up, textures strips and glitters, which unite the different parts of the bodies creating a chaotic and visionary whole.  


Instagram: elena.monzo



Elena Monzo was born in Orzinuovi (Brescia) in 1981, she graduated at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, she legitimize her art in the contemporary art world presenting her first solo exhibition “Nidi di Nodi di Bu” in the Mantova location of the Bonelli Art Gallery in 2009. From this exhibition she started her non-stop production of artworks. Monzo’s artistic path is characterized by the attendance at several prestigious art residences and gallery collaborations, in Germany ( TZR Gallery, Dusseldorf, 2010 – Luisa Catucci Gallery, Berlin, 2020), USA (New York, Sara Tecchia Gallery, 2010), Japan (Ichiuroko residence, Kurashiri, 2013), China ( The Swatch Art Peace Hotel residence, Shanghai, 2015), Lebanon (Alia residence, Fadi Mogabgab Art contemporain Beirut, from 2013 to 2018), Mexico (El Gallo Estudio de Arte y ceramica, Cholula, Puebla, 2019), Slovakia (Eroina art exhibition at CT Gallery, Bratislava, 2019). She took part at art projects such as “Silk, La via della Seta” at Ex Filanda Meroni, Soncino CR, “Cucirsi la Vita Addosso” at Asilo Macro, Macro Museum of Rome. In 2021 she attended the Scope Art fair Miami in collaboration with the Camp Gallery of Miami presenting the “Korova Milk” collection created during the pandemic shut down in 2020. 

In 2022 the artist book “Elena Monzo” was published by Vanillaedizioni. 


2021 Dear Comrade, The Camp Gallery, Miami USA. 

2021 Elena Monzo / William Grob – In assenza di opposizioni binarie, Luisa Catucci Gallery, Berlino, Germany. 

2019 HUMAN NATURE, Galerie Marek Kralewski, Friburgo, Germany Eroina, CT Gallery, Bratislava, SlovacchiaCucirsi la Vita Addosso, Asilo Macro, Museo Macro, Roma. 

2018 Silk, La via della Seta, Ex Filanda Meroni, Soncino CR 2017 Moon Zoo, Gilda Contemporary Art, Milano.  

2015 Carosello, ColossiArte, Brescia Blu Desire, Koca Art Space, Shanghai, China. 

2014 Dark Vernice, TZR Galerie, Dusseldorf -Germany Solo show, Casa del Mantegna, Mantova. 

2012 Happy Packaging, Colossi Arte, Brescia Onda Fredda, Spazio Estro, Bergamo Venice Queens, Galleria Traghetto, Venezia. 

2011 FreakShake/Très Chic, Contemporaneamente Art Gallery, Parma Forever Blowing Bubbles, Cannaviello Studio D’Arte, Milano. 

2010 La Dolce Vita, TZR Gallery, Dusseldorf, Germany Specchio Specchio Delle Mie Brame, “Take Off” project Superstudiopiù, Milano. 

2008 NidiDiNodiDiBu, Bonelli Arte Contemporanea, Mantova. 

2007 Inside, Bonelli Contemporary, Los Angeles USA Dipendenze, Galleria Traghetto, Roma-Venezia.