Francesca Manetta


Francesca Manetta was born nearby Bergamo in 1979, nowadays she works and lives in Milan, Italy.

She graduated with honors at Brera Academy of Art in Milan.

She was registered in Professor Enrico Mulazzani’s scenography class and she became Mulazzani’s assistant for 2006/ 2007 academic course.

After the academic studies she attended the International Jacques Lecoq School in Paris.

Her studies included ancient chant and theatre; she took part of a contemporary ballet company and she collaborated with a vertical ballet company.

Her marked curiosity for different art disciplines represents her artistic research foundation. She favours photographic processing and installation as principal art expression. She often contaminates her art with different genres.

She started exhibit her artworks by 2005, taking part of the artistic cooperative “Coccodrilli a Manovella”.

When the cooperative dissolved she continued her personal artistic path participating  in various contests dedicated to the Italian emerging art promotion. She attended different collective exhibitions and art trade shows.

She presented her solo exhibition at Gilda Contemporary Art Gallery, which is even now promoting Francesca as a successful emerging artist.




2011 – Incipit, organized by the art curator Elisa Bozzi, Galleria Biffi Arte, Piacenza.

2012 – Playing Don Chisciotte, organized by the art curator Silvia Bottani, Galleria Numen Arti Contemporanee, Benevento.

2013 – Dancing With Myself (variation for shoes and blood), organized by the art curator di Silvia Bottani, Nur Gallery Arsprima Milan.

2013 – Dancing With Myself – extract, spazio MACS (Museo Arte e Cultura Sacra) Romano di Lombardia.

2013 – A mille ce n’è, organized by the art curator di Elisa Bozzi, bookshop Bookbank (Piacenza).

2017 – Solstizio d’estate, installation special event at Gilda Contemporary Gallery (Milan).

2018 – Eternity is a state of mind, organized by the art curator Laura Luppi, Gilda Contemporary Gallery (Milan).

2018 – Cuore di Lupo, special event in collaboration with Gilda Contemporary Art, Arsprima and Scuola Dadà, Milan.


2008 – Cavalli in piazza, organized by the art curator Roberto Borghi, Galleria Laboratorio delle Arti (Piacenza).

2008 – Art for Children, organized by the art curator Roberto Milani, Galleria San Lorenzo (Milan).

2009 – Artefiera Cremona 2009, presente con Galleria Dir’arte, Cremona.

2009 –  Artverona 2009, exhibited with Galleria Dir’arte, Verona.

2010 – Fotobook, organized by the art curator Elisa Bozzi e Roberto Dassoni, Galleria Biffi Arte, Piacenza.

2010 – ObraXmas, Galleria Obraz, Milan.

2011 – Ventiperventi, Galleria Laboratorio delle Arti, Piacenza.

2012 – Affordable Art Fair Milano 2012, exhibited with Galleria Il Lepre, Milan.

2012 – AAM Arte Accessibile Milano 2012, art fair, exhibited with Galleria Il Lepre, Milan.

2013 – AAM Arte Accessibile Milano 2013, art fair, exhibited with the project of promotion Spirito Italiano, Milan.

2013 – La natura rigenerata, organized by the art curator Anna Anselmi e Anna Mariani, double exhibition at Villa Braghieri  (Castel S.Giovanni) and Museo Civico di Storia Naturale (Piacenza).

2013 – Spirito Italiano – Atto IV, organized by the art curator Annalisa Bergo, Fabbrica Borroni, Bollate (Mi).

2013 – Nero, organized by the art curator Emanuele Beluffi, galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi e Matthias Ritter, Milan.

2014 – Interferenze, videoart review organized by the art curator Visualcontainer e Ivan D’Alberto, Spazio Inangolo, Penne (PE).

2014 – Vernissage III, Galerie Depardieu, Nizza.

2014 – The Others Art Fair 2014, exhibited with Martina’s Gallery, Torino.

2015 – Liaisions, videoart review organized by the art curator Cristina Gilda Artese e Alessandro Trabucco, Punto Enel, Milan.

2015 – Hands Up, charity event for Mission Bambini in collaboration with Sotheby’s, Milan.

2016 – MIA Photo Fair 2016, exhibited with the project Firebird for Arsprima, Milan.

2016 – Tessere, Fortezza del Priamar, Savona.

2017 – From Liberty to Freedom, PH Neutro, Pietrasanta (Lu).

2018 – Wild Circle, installation review organized by the art curator Cristina Gilda Artese, in collaboration with the Cultural Association for Contemporary Arts Arsprima, Cremeno (Lc).


2002 – winner of the price for the selection Scenografia al Salon I 2002, Sala Napoleonica, Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera.

2009 – special mention of the jury at the first edition of Premio Next Generation Patrizia Barlettani, Galleria San Lorenzo (Milan).

2010 – winner of XII Premio Arti Visive Paolo Parati.

2012 – finalist at prize UP_NEA 2012. Double exhibition at Fabbrica Borroni/Villa Arconati (Bollate). Organized by the art curator Annalisa Bergo.





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