Francesco Quadri

First of all you must trace the temple line to depict both the frontal and three quarters face, while you must draw starting from the nose if you want to trace profiles. After you suddenly converge towards the center, towards the procerus muscle and sketch the eyes both on the left and right sides, insisting on them since similarity  appears. You go down the nose and emphasize the lips line until you describe lips’ plump waves. From this moment the draw goes on as a consequence and the tension wanes during the composition completion.  

Every Quadri’s portrait usually follows this depicting sequence. Nothing but a series of habits developed year after year, a scale of phases that starts from the most complex stage decreasing to the less complicated one, each of them accomplished to find out the similarity among the drawing and the character depicted, to master the recognizable traits, to manipulate the expressivity and to impress on the surface a magnetic conctact with the audience. 

Portrait has always had a leading role in Quadri’s art if compared to the others subject depicted. It accompanies the artist during the process of explorying human figure, the disparate physiognomy, varied expressions and poses. Human face remains the crux, despite the artistic research branches off different paths. The artist cyclically goes back to this cornerstone in order to taste his personal growth and his spirit of analysis. 


Instagram: francescoquadri



Francesco was born in 1989 in Bergamo, Italy. He studied History of Cinema in Turin, graduating in 2012. Since 2018 he has been working as a visualizer, storyboard-artist and movie’s director. At the same time he goes on with his pictorial and illustrator activity. 


2022 “Tanti a Milano”, Ex Fornaci del Naviglio pavese, Milano. 

2020 “Tanti”, SAC – Spazio Arte Contemporanea, Robecchetto con Induno (MI).