Giorgio Figini


Giorgio Figini was born in 1979 in Milan, Italy, nowadays he lives and works in Milan. He attended art studies during high school and he delved into visual communication, graduating in cinematographic photography. He started working in the video production industry majoring in post production and special effects. During these years he started his personal artistic path.

He perfected his aesthetic language by 2015, focusing in portraiture and artistic nude.

He affirms “my art is based on the pictorial depiction of reality. I create something profound and meaningful starting from an objective fact. My lens become a filter and the passing of time turns into a paint brush able to mix shapes and colours in order to return a dreamlike vision, which is abstract at times. I smooth details, I flex the timeline in order to give to my artistic subjects an other appearance, which is released from the formal portrayal and which embraces genre’essence and its deepest existence.

Portraiture and artistic nude in particular are the maximum expression of atavic forms that evolves in time, preserving their own espressive energy and symbolic identity.”





INSTAGRAM: giorgio_figini