Giulia Bottiani


Giulia Bottiani graduated in architecture at the Polytechnic University of Milan. She started approaching photography during her university studies, focusing on architectural and human made landscape subjects. Her studies’basis concerning architectural design allow her to develop a particular and specific interpretation of architecture itself through photography.

She attended a Master of Photography and Visual Design at NABA, in Milan. In 2016 she worked as curatorial assistant for “CAMERA”, the Italian Centre of Photography in Turin. In 2017 she contributed with Lorenza Bravetta to the organisation of the General States of Photography promoted by the cultural goods and activities and tourism Ministry.

She works today as a professor assistant in civil architecture and design school at the Polytechnic University of Milan. She attended a collective exhibition at Triennale, Milan, and she took part in many editorial book and periodical publications concerning the contemporary architecture debate.

Bottiani has selected photos that belong to her project “Beyond the event” for the current exhibition “Free Expression” at SAC, Spazio Arte Contemporanea.

The earthquake devastation process that involved Italy in the recent past years is a recurring topic for the artist. Bottiani tries to examine in depth the phenomenon, going beyond the media chronicles. She asks herself what does remain of the true meaning of objects, things and buildings after a disastrous event. Why we set aside the magnificence of the buildings and their history after the tragedy? The splendour of art survives and the truth of beauty is anyway shown to the ones who are able to host it.

An open gaze grabs this marvel and persists in representing the truth despite the tragic nature of the event.

Bottiani’s proposal is to force the audience to be openminded to the beauty tenacity. “Truth and Beauty can’t be separated in Art, they are not subordinated to any contradiction, because the Truth of Art is always an ontological truth, a truth that concerns the individual essence – and the Beauty is located not in the portrayed subject, but in the way it is portrayed.” *

* From the author Diego Mormorio, “Un’altra lontananza: l’occidente e il rifugio della fotografia”, Sellerio Editore, Palermo, page 78.




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2019 – “Dall’oggettivo al soggettivo. Storia di una costruzione”, solo exhibition, SAC – Spazio Arte Contemporanea, Robecchetto con Induno (MI).


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