Giulia Nelli

Giulia Nelli denominates her poetry “Legàmi-Légami”, using the double meaning of the world bond in Italian beacause her art is based on a complex twine of bonds that build the human identity, these bonds evolve throughout connections with the land of origin and with people that constitute the referee community. As a matter of fact the bonds that are stored in memory become thoughts, meanings and belief systems, building a connection from past to present and outlining the individual perception of time. 

Covid-19 emergency brought to light multiple negative aspects of a society characterized by “light and liquid” bonds, by temporary connections between individuals that demand a minimal relational and cultural involvement, showing instead the beauty of durable and responsible relationships, which are indispensable for humans. 

The pandemic experience has reinforced the artist’ belief of the importance of talking about bonds, in search of collaboration relationships and of brand new cohabitation terms that know how to integrate every cultural, economic, urban and technological element in Earth symbiotic life without interruption. 

The artist’ work is based on pantyhose fabric manipulation, the fabric is cut and ripped up in order to recreate new wefts that are immobilized on rigid supports and frames. Nelli’s artworks take advantage of the contrast between empty and full, created using pantyhose ladders, of the contrast between white and black in order to create soft and sharp, dramatic marking. 


Instagram: nelli.giulia



Giulia Nelli (Legnano, 1992) graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and she obtained the IDEA Master in Exhibition Design from the Milan Polytechnic. 

She is an artist who analyzes every man’s relationship with the natural and social environment that surrounds him, human bonds must be rebuilt in order to find a new meaning in the real life, they are made liquid by the new means of communication. The use of textile materials (tights) allows her to enhance the role of gesture and dexterity, putting her in direct contact with the material itself. The fabric of the pantyhose is being pulled apart, according to one technique of breaking and decomposing dear to contemporary art, and it is brought back to the basic element, the thread, which is worked to build new balances and harmonies. 

Doing, undoing, tying and re-tying is the story and image of life, it is the skill that allows the women of the mythologies of all ancient populations to reunite emotions, words and silence, stories and bonds, memories, hopes for the future in a single plot. 


2022 LEGAMI E FRATTURE, curated by Mariacristina Maccarinelli and Kevin McManus, Fondazione Vittorio Leonesio. 

2021 Il volto dell’altro, curated by LAQ – lartquotidien and Elisabetta Mero, Giardino della Basilica San Celso, Milano. 

2020 Lègati da legàmi tessuti dal tempo, Palazzo Marliani Cicogna a Busto Arsizio, selected for the project “Uno spazio per l’arte”. 

2019 Preludio alla dissolvenza,SCD Textile & Art Studio a Perugia curated by Barbara Pavan.