Giuseppe Tattarletti


Giuseppe Tattarletti was born in Como in 1966. He graduated at Giuseppe Terragni Art High School in 1984 and got a degree in Architectural Composition at Milan Polytechnic in 1996.
During 1988 and 1989 he was a drawing student at the Ratti Foundation in Como. He worked as an architect at the Mantero Studio, he collaborated with various mechanical-industrial design companies. In 2009, he abandoned the designer profession to dedicate himself entirely to sculpture (clay and various materials molded) and painting (oil on canvas).
Since 1988, he has created artworks typifyed by an existentialist matrix that, over time, turned into a social commitment production, dealing with the “uncomfortable” issues of war, segregation and human in-consciousness.

“Identity, squeezed into its intimate individuality, opens itself to the world through the gaze cuts. It is defined towards the otherness by muscular and bony lines.
Matter and certain form, substrate to the elusive quid. Idea. Spirit, soul, elusive thought. Does human, through four spatial and temporal dimensions, have a specific alien and different essence or is he destined to blur his existence in matter itself?
In a renewed sceptical tradition, where the query remains the content fulcrum and cradle, doubts are deliberately not resolved by Giuseppe Tattarletti ‘cause they represent both the natural reverberation and the fascinating proposal of art. An uncomfortable one (…). The consciousness-unconsciousness dualism suggests us to look beyond appearances and to find out the way of obtaining alchemical substances starting from an idea. It also makes us wonder”.

Christian Galimberti.


2005 – “Dell’essere e del nulla”, personal exhibition, Arte Contemporanea e Dintorni, Como.
2005 – Frammenti dell’altra parte del corpo, collective exhibition, Studio ESP, Como.
2006 – War, personal exhibition, Arte Contemporanea e Dintorni, Como.
2006 – Pulpito delle passioni tristi, personal exhibition, Studio ESP, Como.
2006 – Il penultimo gradino, personal exhibition, Biblioteca Civica G. Mazzini, Arenzano (GE).
2006 – Obsession…o, collective exhibition, DSM, Como.
2007 – Un mondo al contrario, personal exhibition, Arte Contemporanea e Dintorni, Como.
2007 – Linguaggi contemporanei, collective exhibition, Ziqqurat Expò, Cesano Maderno.
2007 – Eros, collective exhibition, D’Art Visual Gallery, Menaggio.
2007 – Visioni dell’anima, collective exhibition, D’Art Visual Gallery, Menaggio.
2007 – La luce, collective exhibition, Villa Imbonati, Cavallasca.
2008 – Revolver, collective exhibition, Centro Diurno DSM, Como.
2008 – ES, collective exhibition, Spazio eventi Mondadori, Venezia.
2008 – ES, collective exhibition, Palazzo Municipale, Lavarone (TN).
2008 – Passi e visioni, personal exhibition, Centro Civico, Cernobbio (CO).
2008 – Intorno al tavolo, collective exhibition, Studio d’Arte Art-It, Gallarate (VA).
2009 – La città – architetture e stati d’animo, collective exhibition, Villa Imbonati, Cavallasca.
2009 – Human Rights, collective exhibition, Palazzo Reale di Belvedere, Caserta.
2009 – Reale ad occhi aperti e chiusi, double personal exhibition, Centro Civico di Cernobbio.
2009 – Freedom – against the wall, collective exhibition, Spazio Symposium XXI, Milan.
2010 – Premio Arte x 2010, collective exhibition, Fucecchio (FI).
2010 – Le due facce della stessa moneta, personal exhibition, Studio 44, Como.
2010 – Magie della grafica, collective exhibition, M.A.S. Milan.
2012 – Sacred, D’Art Visual Gallery, Menaggio.
2012 – Idea e forma, personal exhibition, Villa Imbonati, Cavallasca.
2013 – Woman, collective exhibition, D’Art Visual Gallery, Menaggio.
2013 – Serial, collective exhibition, D’Art Visual Gallery, Menaggio.
2015 – Vernice Art Fair, Forlì.
2015 – Premio Matteo Olivero, honorable mention, Saluzzo.
2015 – Open Artelier, for Expo 2015, Como.
2016 – Artefiera, Genova.
2016 – Collettiva di scultura, Centro Civico di Cernobbio (CO)
2016 – Percezioni, collective exhibition, San Pietro in Atrio, Como.
2017 – Collettiva d’Arte del Comune di Abavilla (CO).


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