Marta Mezynska


Marta Mezynska was born in Bialystok, Poland. She has spent most of her life in Italy and she feels half Italian. She lives and works in Milan.
She attended artistic studies at high school in Bialystok, she graduated in graphic focusing on linoleum etching and illustration. She dedicated herself to archeological and historical restoration in various museums. She attended the Warsaw University of Art, experimenting different pictorial techniques. During her studies she worked as costumes designer assistant, she attended mosaic and painting classes at Carrara Academy in Italy, thanks to Erasmus students Project.
She became a painting teacher in Pietrasanta, Tuscany.
Today she teaches different painting techniques in Milan.
Her artistic path has been deeply influenced by her dad who worked as an architect, her artworks often represent building facades that Mezynska has seen all over the world. Travelling abroad, the artist spends most of the time searching for inspiration by the urban landscape, taking pictures of buildings that are the basis of her re-elaborated painting process.
Enormous facades are depicted filled with copious windows in order to underline the artist’s will to peek at everyday life private moments.
Impersonal walls become alive through reflection and shades depiction. Mezynska’s art is typified by the deep interest in detail.


2012 – “Il tempo dell’uomo”, solo exhibition Villa Fumagalli-Principe.
2014 – “Arte a confronto”, collective exhibition at Spazio Papel, Milan.
2015 – collective exhibition at the opening of Community of Villa Plinia, Solzago di Tavernierio (Co).
2017 – exhposition at Superstudio Più, city of creativity in via Tortona 27, during Salone del Mobile of Milan.