Stefano Marangon


Stefano Marangon, known as the “Sun Painter”, was born in 1974 nearby Milan. During his self-taught artistic path he has experimented heliography technique which is the foundation of his ecological artworks. He creates single etching trough the power of sunbeam using various lens of different dimensions and convexity. The artist engraves wood with extraordinary ability, modulating intensity and gesture precision. Every art piece is unique due to the use of sunbeam power which is never the same. The artist investigation of light and his particular creative process are strictly connected to alchemy and cosmos, the principal artist subjects. Marangon tries to explain his personal point of view about the bond between man and universe. The sun is considered by the artist not only as an art vehicle to obtain his painting but also as a creator force itself. A sunbeam contains a powerful energy able to transform Cosmos’ stasis.
Marangon underlines the importance of human involvement in environmental awareness using a renewable energy source as a paint brush and employing recycled painting supports and paints.


2006 – “Un sorriso per un bambino” collective exhibition at Palazzo Reale, Milan.
2006 – “Un Quadro per Milano”, Fondazione d’Ars, Milan.
2007 – admission at VIII Biennale D’incisione, Acqui Terme (Al).
2007 – “Uniti per i bambini contro l’Aids”, collaboration with Galleria d’Arte Eustachi, Teatro Litta, Milan.
2007 – “Energia e Cosmo” Galleria Eustachi, Milan.
2008 – V Biennale Arte with an ecological theme “Racconti d’arte, Racconti d’Ambiente”, Osio Sotto (Bg).
2008 – “Giornata del contemporaneo” with Amaci, live performance, Galleria Eustachi, Milan.
2009 – finalist at “IX Biennale d’Incisione”, Acqui Terme (Al), permanent at the Engraving Museum.
2011 – “Premio Solare Europeo”, Casa Dell’Architettura, Rome.
2011 – “XI Edizione Terra e Arte”, Paternopoli (Av).
2011 – 2012 – 54° Biennale di Venezia Italian Pavilion, Torino.
2012 – Salone Internazionale del Mobile Stradedarts, Spazio Bugatti 15, Milan.
2012 – Taste Milano, live performance.
2012 – “11 artisti per 11 palloni”, Stadio San Siro, Milan.
2012 – Giro d’Italia, live performance.
2012 – “Dow Crow”, Le Trottoire, Milan.
2012 – itinerant collective MUTI ARCANI, Milan, Torino, Naples.
2012 – “Hop.e”, live performance, Reggia di Venaria Reale, Torino.
2012 – “Couleurs du Monde”, Montecarlo.
2012 – “Missione Architetto”, Trezzano sul Naviglio.
2012 – “Voci”, Galleria Capoverso, Genova.
2012 – “Venti Veggenti”, Il Fabbricone, Vigevano.
2012 – “Arte e Interior design”, Puntoarredo, Magenta.
2012 – “Art For WWF”, Fondazione Matalon, Milan.
2012 – “Dono dell’umanità”, International Award Baronessa Soares Regione Lombardia.
2013 – Rally di Franciacorta, live performance.
2013 – “Artista Live del 60° Anno del Museo Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci”, Milan.
2013 – “Le Tracce del Sole”, Science and Technology Museum Leonardo da Vinci, Milan.
2016 – “L’uomo, la Terra, i pianeti: le energie dell’universo”, Spazio Tadin, Milan.


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