April 20, 2024 – June 15, 2024

In her first solo exhibition, Becoming, Erica Conti exhibits paintings and drawings as part of a personal study project narrated through images of the human body. It is conceived as a symbol that contains a double vision: inner and outer, carnal and spiritual. The artist hints at a rediscovered paradise, an “elsewhere” to be discovered beyond the folds of the skin. The first step of “becoming” is gaining knowledge of what lives inside us. 

Erica’s works reveal a deep narrative, which may not be immediately apparent. The painting slowly opens up before the onlooker, welcoming their questions. 

“I think this is the most important meaning and objective of the exhibition Becoming: to feel that tingling sensation of a question, awakening that dormant impulse to realise your own authentic self. This is how the Becoming manifests itself “. 

The colours, mainly warm and earthy, recall the primitive nature and carnality of the human being. Lights, shadow plays and transparencies lead the viewer towards a vision of the profound, the spiritual and the poetic, until they feel the need to go beyond a merely figurative representation. 

The artist’s works allude to classical art, with certain poses and traits reminiscent of the Renaissance era. Although the inspiration of the great masters of the past is palpable, she remains visibly aware of her own historical period and expresses herself in a contemporary language that aims to remain timeless. 


Erica Conti (Erì to friends) is a painter born in 1991 in the province of Bologna. She attended the Institute of Art in Ravenna, however it led her into a conflicted relationship with art that took her away from the subject for over a decade. She only returned to drawing and painting in 2016, rediscovering what would in a few years’ time become her career. Today, Erica lives and works as a painter near Cesena, where she also teaches “drawing” at the Accademia Romagna.


2023/24 Marche Award, “Under Raffaello”, Urbino (Pesaro-Urbino) curated by Camillo Langone. 

2023/24 collective exhibition “The human dimension, contemporary arts and visions of the Via Emilia” at Palazzo Ducale, Pavullo (Modena) curated by Simona Negrini, Alessandro Mescoli, Recognizioni sull’arte. 

2023 Collective finalist in the Mestre Painting Prize, held at the Candiani Cultural Centre in Mestre (Venice). 

2022 Collective “Profili” at the SAC-Spazio Arte Contemporanea in Milan, curated by Nicoletta Candiani and Letizia Fortichiari 

2022 Collective, Pallavicini Art Prize at Palazzo Pallavicini (Bologna), curated by Francesca Bogliolo and Claudia Andreotta 

2022 Collective “Ritratti Sociali” at the Luigi Tonini Museum (Rimini), curated by Sonia Patrocino 

2022 Urban Installation at the AUSA Park in Rimini, curated by EcoMuseo 

2022 Collective, INSTABiffiArte at the Biffi Arte Gallery in Piacenza, curated by Stefano Gazzola, Carlo Scagnelli and Susanna Gualazzini 

2022 Digital project “INSTABiffiArte” at the Biffi Arte Gallery in Piacenza, curated by Stefano Gazzola 

2022 Collective “Tre linguaggi femminili in arte”, Palazzo dei Priori (Volterra), curated by Karen Lojelo 

2022 Collective “la bellezza salverà il mondo” at the LojeloArtGallery, Volterra