Free Expression

Free Expression

September 21 – december 15, 2019

“Free Expression” is the first SAC collective contemporary art exhibition, taking place in Robecchetto con Induno, Milan.

SAC art curator, Nicoletta Candiani, has studied a particular exhibition setting up in order to enhance every involved artist’s thought.

The exhibition basic concept is to let the artists’ creative potential be free to manifest without any constraint. The artist is the real exhibition protagonist, he is the only one who chooses what to show to the audience.

During her visits in artists’ atelier, Nicoletta notices the particular effect that certain artworks provoke to her senses. She is often impressed by the ones which are spontaneously created by the artist, the ones which are described as “made for myself” by their author.She thinks that these artworks are special because they overcome a commercial aim, personifying their creator thought in a better way.