Levitating / Suspensions

Levitating / Suspensions

October 30 – December 19 2021

Francesco Damiani solo exhibition

Francesco Damiani’s organic sculptures extend into the space, communicating with the viewer. The play of full and empty spaces tells a story: narratives which are distant, yet close to each of us. Abstract form takes shape and goes beyond itself. Lines become words, geometries become paragraphs rearranged into personal diaries.  

The sculpture escapes the static and the heavy to become a weightless suspension, composed of interlocking, reverberating modules that never stay the same but are transformed in time and space.  

The materials are playful and tactile, with textures reminiscent of childhood. The artist makes extensive use of cellulose and rubber pulp, a substance used by children in the East, to familiarise themselves with clay working.  

Secondary colours prevail: the light is represented not as white, but through its refraction. The colours are the result of a perceptual illusion, grasping the vibrations of the contemporary world and conveying a sense of awe.  

Damiani’s background in chemistry influences his aesthetic. There are references to cellular morphology, layers of organised matter and evolutionary forms, questioning the limit between the organic and the living.  

The sculptures blend in perfectly with the surrounding space, revolutionising and merging with it as they and adapt perfectly to the surrounding space, revolutionising it and merging with it, generating new forms created specifically for this installation.
The title of the exhibition comes from a recent song by the pop artist Dua Lipa. Like the music, the works are colourful, playful and carefree, so light that they appear to take on life and levitate into the air.
The subtitle “Sospensioni” (“Suspensions”), is a reference to the work by John Cage (The Silence, 1961) and to the chemical meaning of the term: a dispersion, a heterogeneous mixture in which a solid phase with microscopic particle size is dissolved in a liquid dispersing phase that takes a long time to settle.  

The artist’s personal interpretation of this term is of waiting, suspending judgement and trusting the self and others. In a certain sense, it can be interpreted as giving liberty, in the same way as his works are ‘free’. 


Francesco Damiani was born in Bari and lives and works in Emilia Romagna. He studied chemistry at the University of Bari and the Fiat Research Centre in Turin. Passionate about art and design, he attended the Milanese school of Tam Tam (Guerriero, Mendini and Dalisi). Initially a collector, he then became a technical design consultant. Francesco currently works as a teacher and artist.


I’m like you at 17, QU4RANTAN9VE, Reggio Emilia, 2018. 

XXXX, Galleria Samma, Urbino, 2020.