The dance of seasons 

The dance of seasons 

May 7 – June 25, 2022 

Vittorio Iavazzo solo exhibition

The cycle of our life, like the seasons, is part of nature and is dictated by it through the variations of time, climate and biodiversity.  

In this exhibition, Vittorio Iavazzo aims to narrate the seasons, not from a purely climatic point of view, but from the perspective of the phases of human life, or the “Seasons of the Soul”.  

A human being dances through the phases of birth, growth and death, a life cadenced with falls and rises, a pencil vibrating as it captures notes and emotions on a blank page.  

The seasons of life are also influenced by our willpower and day to day choices, big or small.  

Like green shoots pushing through the tarmac or the great flowering branches of a tree, a human being is reborn, not shrouded in an infinite winter. A human can choose whether to hibernate and wait for spring, or whether to face winter head on, like a good farmer, planting seeds to harvest later on, in the renewed embrace of the warm summer.


Vittorio Iavazzo was born in 1991 in Naples. In 2010, driven by a strong passion for drawing, he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples, where he graduated in 2016 with a degree in art graphics.  

In January 2017, thanks to the “Young artists” project sponsored by the Mario Moderni Foundation, he held his first solo exhibition “Outcast” at the Moderni gallery in Rome.  

Since 2018 he has been represented by the Von Buren Contemporary gallery, also in Rome.  

His works on paper are appreciated and collected in Italy, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Ireland, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, San Marino, Spain and Switzerland. 


Solo Exhibitions 

January 2017 – Outcast, Galleria Moderni, Rome 

June 2017, Icarus – Galleria Moderni, Rome 

November 2017 – Guerrieri Contemporanei, San Marino 

October 2018 – SGUARDI, Spazio Onofri 57, San Marino 

May 2019 – Nella materia e oltre, RvB Arts, Rome 

July 2019 – Unveiled, SeeBay Hotel, Ancona 

July 2021 – Un Soffio di Vita, Palazzo Cappuccini, Naples 

Collective Exhibition 

November 2015 – XXVII Porticato Gaetano, Gaeta (LT) 

March 2016 – Premio Centro Direzionale per l’Arte, Naples 

June 2016 – Segni svelati, Scuderie di Palazzo Sansevero, Naples 

June 2017 – Biennart – Biennale Internazionale Umbertide (PG) 

August 2017 – Nott’Arte San Marino, San Marino 

September 2017 – Collectiv’Art, Spazio Onofri 57, San Marino 

January 2018 – The Secret Garden, Galleria RvB Arts, Rome 

May 2018 – MANI, Galleria RvB Arts, Rome 

November 2019 – FOUR2ONE, Isorropia Home Gallery, Milan 

May 2021 – CANONE DOPPIO,The Project Gallery, Athens, Greece 

September 2021 – CANONE DOPPIO, Palazzo Riso, Palermo 

Art Fair 

November 2018 – GrandArt Fair, The Mall, Milan 

February 2019 – Arte Genova, Genova Fair 

April 2021 – Affordable Online Art Fair, RvB Arts 

April 2022 – Arte Genova, Genova Fair 


Instagram: vittorio_iavazzo

Facebook: VittorioIavazzoArtis