The soul of places 

The soul of places 

September 24 – November 20, 2022 

Lucrezia Minerva solo exhibition

“The Soul of Places” is an exhibition composed by artworks created by Minerva Lucrezia
from 2018 to today.
The exhibition explores and investigates the identity of the soul by extending it to places.
A place is intended not only as a strictly physical one but it is considered by its relationship between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’, between micro and macro.
The artist does not violate the entity of the place and composes SAC space conceiving it as a large (macro) envelope of smaller (micro) environments.
The overall minimal composition conveys the idea of order, the idea of an empty place, and at the same time of an intense and disorganized activity that develops inside the place.
The installation ‘In’ and ‘Out’ (2022) was created to continue the visually and spatially investigation of the central theme of the exhibition: the interconnection between external and internal, between perceiving and elaborating the primary essence of what we experience as an event, place, object in an intimate and personal way.


Lucrezia Minerva was born in Milan in 1977, she graduated at the Umberto Boccioni’s art high school and she attended the Polytechnic University of Architecture of Milan for two years.
In the following period she handled scenic design and decoration.
Her first artworks and artistic studies started in 2017 and they were the result of converging passions and backgrounds of architecture, photography, painting, philosophy, physics, nature and spirituality.
The artist inspects mystic, philosophical, spiritual and scientific matters that she believes they compose natural, human and cosmic life, she hopes for a more aware and deep vision that connects the Ego to a universal spirituality and to the nature of things.
The crux of Minerva’s studies consists of an existential analysis, an incessant process of digging the human consciousness and the world perception. This analysis is transposed into her creative work.
Minerva gives importance to the idea that typifies her work overstepping the matter formality without however losing the three conducting subjects dear to the artist.

The first one is represented by the contrast of black and white, light and shadow, instinctive gesture and control, geometric perfection and imperfection, repetition and singularity, symmetry and randomness.

An harmonic dance between opposites.
The second one focuses on the relationship between space and time. The space is conceived both in a visual-technical-tangible way rendered through perspective, multiple surfaces, volumes, sense of depth and in an empirical-interior-potential regarding to the “self”, projected towards introspection, evolution and analysis.
Time is characterized by two polarities, one narrating the contemporary era, the other concerning an inner meditative transcendence which is suspended, silent, almost nullified.
A relationship between outer space-time (the environment) and inner space-time (the ego).
The third subject is based on the idea that reality is not as it appears.
The artist likes to give different points of view to her artworks, revealing new aspects or simply deepening and going beyond formal, mental, sensorial, knowledge conjectures in order to broaden the horizon to other truths.
It is by crossing these subjects that Lucrezia Minerva investigates, searches, discovers and observes the Universe, that exists inside and outside human being.
Depending on the project or concept expressed, the means of communication change from painting to sculpture, installation and photography; the same happens with materials: marble, paper, plexiglass, jute, canvas, light, technology tools.
Currently, the artist, is working on the idea of ‘simple’, approaching the concept of simplicity as a solved complexity.


2017 – Galata Museum, Genova, curated by Gabriele Buratti.
2019 – “Beyond the visible” curated by Brerauno Gallery, Medieval Tower, Corbetta.
2019 – Paratissima, Torino.
2019 – “Inverart” curated by Francesco Oppi and Brera Academy of Milano.
2019 – “Beyond the shape” curated by Matteo Olivares, Quadrifoglio Gallery, Rho.
2020 – “Artist’s book” curated by Francesca Mariotti, Palazzo Scroffa, Ferrara.
2020 – “Mater Nostra” curated by Franco Cipriano, Palazzo Ferrari, Parabita (Lecce).
2021 – “Assonances, discrepancies, shapes and freedom of movement at the time of the new Renaissance” curated by Claudia Migliore, Steam Factory, Milan.

1° photography black and white prize for the exhibition “Who says woman”, Vigevano.
1° photography Prize for the exhibition “A woman’s eye behind the lens”, Pavia.
2015 – tecnic painting prize “Young talents for Ferrara” dedicated to Michelangelo Antonioni.
2018 – selected for Arte Mondadori magazine “Art Price”, Cairo Editori.
2018 – 1° prize at Fusion Arts V edition, sculpture section.


Instagram: lucreziaminerva

Facebook: Lucrezia Minerva