Venus in Furs

Venus in Furs

March 9, 2024 – April 6, 2024

Venus in Furs (1870) the novel by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, remains a renowned book in the collective memory: Severin, a simple man, tells his absolute devotion for Wanda, a woman that he identifies as Venus, the goddess of love. 

In Severin’s room, a painting dominates the setting, he said the artwork was inspired by Tiziano’s Venus in the mirror, which depicts a northern Venus wearing only a fur coat: she is the incarnation of the perfect woman according to his fantasies.  

But the protagonist rebels and emancipates herself from the ideal she is associated to by taking her fur off, the same fur that imprisoned her in a role.  

Venus in Furs is the final affirmation both of the desire of self expression and of the creative instinct conceived as a generating force on a deeper level. 

The collective exhibition “Venus in Furs” brings together a group of artists who have decided to express their creativity and their artworks projecting them as a life driven energy, the famous Eros described by Freud, named from the Greek god of love. 

Each artist dialogs returning a large fresco where different areas of research investigate the contemporary fabric of existence using different mediums. 

We talk about the theme of memory and the perception of time, memories from the past, the unconscious and its unexplored places, crossing the female body that appears sinuous and fluctuating like a veil or a sculpture. 

The woman and her nowadays representation is examined while living her classic role of angel of the hearth. The female image is painted while she is locked up in suffocating domestic settings permeated with inflorescences or while dealing with common chores. 

The displayed artworks are also linked to current events, to their social issues that involve anti-speciesism and the female world, outlining painful paths that lead to rebirth and self-discovery. 

Art has the social value of bringing people together, of unity, art acts like a collective ritual where the Greek principle of kalocagathia reigns, in this world beauty is goodness. 

The collective exhibition “Venus in Furs” was possible thanks to the commitment of Loredana Galante, Marta Mez and Antonella Casazza, who created a committee that coordinated and fulfilled the project. 

Rebecca Delmenico

Artists on display
Silvia Beltrami
Marianna Bussola
Anna Caruso 
Antonella Casazza
Elisa Cella
Eleonora Chiesa
Cristina Costanzo
Ilaria Del Monte
Loredana Galante
Debora Garritani
Giovanna Lacedra
Coquelicot Mafille
Florencia Martinez
Marta Mez
Elena Monzo
Saba Najafi
Ieva Petersone
Alessandra Rovelli
Marta Sesana
Milena Sgambato
Tina Sgrò
Sanda Skujina
Vania Elettra Tam
Francesca Vitali Boldini