Luigi Candiani Prize – Street Art



SAC – Spazio Arte Contemporanea is proud to announce the new competition notices “Luigi Candiani Prize”. Remembering the name of her great-grandfather, owner of the old weaving mill founded in the place where SAC stands, Nicoletta Candiani, founder and curator, launches calls for three different competitions: street art, young artists and established artists.

The contest can be entered until March 26, 2023.

SAC, Contemporary Art Space, announces the first two-year edition of Luigi Candiani Art Prize – street art. The prize goal is the creation of a wall painting that remains on an assigned wall of SAC property for two years. This artwork must enhance the beauty of the surrounding territory and it must promote street art
knowledge. SAC aim is also to give value to wall paintings because they represent an instant way of communication in the contemporary art world. SAC also wants to get back the architectural heritage throughout the promotion of creativity and art, offering to artists the opportunity of being involved into this process and giving them visibility.

The wall painting must be accomplished by pictorial techniques that guarantee the preservation of the artwork for two years.

The wall size is 85 squared metres and you can find images and technical drawings attached to the prizes rules document file.